Industrial Air Compressor Applications

Applications of compressed air include: Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Manufacturing, Electronics, Food and Beverage, General Manufacturing, Glass Manufacturing, Hospitals/Medical, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Power Generation, Wood Products and many more. At US Equipment / Arnel Compressor, we are able to serve a wide variety of customers with our new and used air compressors, parts and accessories, air filtration, as well as offering services such as air energy audits, installations and rentals.

Industries we serve:

 Aerospace Manufacturing  Automotive  Chemical Manufacturing
Aerospace Automotive Chemical Manufacturing
Electronics Manufacturing Food & Beverage Production General Manufacturing
Electronics Food and Beverage Processing General Manufacturing
 Glass Manufacturing  Hospitals & Medical Metal Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing Hospitals Metals
 Mining Production Equipment  Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plastic Manufacturing
Mining Pharmaceuticals Plastics
Power Generation Woodworking Production and Manufacturing
Power Generation Wood Products

Overview of Industrial Air Compressor Applications:

Industry Examples of Compressed Air Applications for Industrial Sector
Apparel Conveying, clamping, tool powering, controls and actuators, automated equipment
Automotive Tool powering, stamping, controls and actuators, forming, conveying
Chemicals Conveying, controls and actuators
Food Dehydration, bottling, controls and actuators, conveying, spraying coatings, cleaning, vacuum packing
Furniture Air piston powering, tool powering, clamping, spraying, controls and actuators
General Manufacturing Clamping, stamping, tool powering and cleaning, controls and actuators
Lumber and Wood Sawing, hoisting, clamping, pressure treatment, controls and actuators
Metals Fabrication Assembly station powering, tool powering, controls and actuators, injection molding, spraying
Petroleum Process gas compressing, controls and actuators
Primary Metals Vacuum melting, controls and actuators, hoisting
Pulp and Paper Conveying, controls and actuators
Rubber and Plastics Tool powering, clamping, controls and actuators, forming, mold press powering, injection molding
Stone, Clay and Glass               Conveying, blending, mixing, controls and actuators, glass blowing and molding, cooling
Textiles Agitating liquids, clamping, conveying, automated equipment, controls and actuators, loom jet weaving, spinning, texturizing
 Industry Examples of Compressed Air Applications for Non-Manufacturing Sector
Agriculture Farm equipment, materials handling, spraying of crops, dairy machines
Mining Pneumatic tools, hoists, pumps, controls and actuators
Power Generation Starting gas turbines, automatic control, emissions controls
Recreation * Amusement parks – air brakes * Golf Courses – seeding, fertilizing, sprinkler systems * Hotels – elevators, sewage disposal * Ski resorts – snow making * Theaters – projector cleaning * Underwater exploration – air tanks
Service Industries Pneumatic tools, hoists, air brake systems, garment pressing machines, hospital respiration systems, climate control
Transportation Pneumatic tools, hoists, air brake systems
Wastewater Treatment Vacuum filters, conveying

Source: Introduction to Industrial Compressed Air Systems: A Sourcebook for Industry from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Best Practices and the Compressed Air Challenge (R)

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