Single Stage Electric Reciprocating Air Compressors

Single Stage Electric Reciprocating Air Compressors

US Equipment / Arnel Compressor carries the following models of single stage electric reciprocating air compressors:

  • SS3L3 (3 hp)
  • SS3L5 (5 hp)

Model Specifications:

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Single Stage Electric Reciprocating Air Compressors


Designed for the professional, our 3 HP and 5 HP single stage compressors are ideal for almost anyone, from individuals that thrive on do-it-yourself projects to the professional air compressor user. When performance is defined by maximum operating pressure, increased air flow and extended duty cycles, Ingersoll Rand is the product of choice. You will get a compressor that features maximum air power, reliable precision engineered components and a durable design that is built to last.


  • 100% continuous duty applications
  • High capacity compressor (upto 18.1 cfm@ 90 pisg) with 60 gallon vertical tank
  • Efficient finger valves that are easy to maintain 


Financing is available on new air compressor purchases.


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