Air Receiver Tanks

Air Receiver Tanks

Air Receiver Tanks

The air receiver in a compressed air system is essential to the entire process. It creates a buffer and storage repository between the compressor and the consumption system. To understand the air receiver’s role in a compressed air system, we’ve broken it down into two roles: a primary and secondary.

  • PRIMARY receiver – located near the compressor, after the after-cooler but before filtration and drying equipment
  • SECONDARY receivers – located close to points of larger intermittent air consumptions

US Equipment / Arnel Compressor offers a wide range of air receiver tanks to meet your system’s needs.

Sizes include:

  • 12-gal – 20,500-gal
  • 125 psi – 500 psi
  • Horizontal and Vertical
  • Top Plate and Mounting Options
  • Internal Coating Options
  • External Painting Options
  • Accessory Kits – Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge and Automatic Drain Valve

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