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Rotary Airend Solutions

Reliability, price, warranty and availability. These essential ingredients make Ingersoll Rand’s Rotary Airend Programs an easy way to maximize the product life cycle while consuming less. Planned airend repair or replacement saves money, promotes reuse and eliminates unscheduled interruptions to your operations, plus incorporates the most economical maintenance program for rotary compressors.


Repair and Return

• Repair & return of your airend
• Rapid turn-around time
• Available for Ingersoll Rand and non-Ingersoll Rand units, including oil-flooded and oil-free compressors, blowers,
refrigeration and natural gas compressors
• One-year parts and labor warranty*



• Large inventory for immediate availability
• Complete inspection by certified Ingersoll Rand technician using state-of-the-art assembly and test equipment
• One-year parts and labor warranty*



• Brand new airend manufactured by Ingersoll Rand
• 100% new castings and components
• Large inventory for immediate availability
• One-year parts and labor warranty*

*One-year warranty requires the use of genuine Ingersoll Rand parts and. lubricants

Ingersoll Rand can repair and return your oil-free airend, too.
(Available for Ingersoll Rand Sierra and Atlas Copco Z-Series)


Contact us about our innovative Rotary Airend Repair and Return Program and other remanufacturing programs that can increase efficiency and lower your operating costs.


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