Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance

Our Service Plans are the most comprehensive in preventative maintenance available in the industry to ensure maximum compressor efficiency and longevity.  Proper preventative maintenance on an air compressor can save a facility thousands of dollars over the life of the unit with lower energy consumption, less emergency downtime, and less lost production.


Preventative Maintenance / SelectCARE Service Plans

extended product warranty

Air compressors require a proper preventative maintenance (PM) plan to insure unit longevity, optimal efficiency and minimal unplanned down time. A proper preventative maintenance plan also helps our customers achieve their energy and production goals.

Our SelectCARE Service Plans are created based on each customer’s unique site conditions and operating hours.


New Ingersoll Rand Rotary Screw Compressors

SelectCARE 2510 Service Plan

  • Comprehensive PM Plan
  • 2-Year All-Inclusive Unit Warranty (Parts and Labor Included)
  • 5-Year Major Component Warranty on:
    • Drive Motor, Drive Gears, Intellisys Controller, Air-cooled Coolers, VSD, TAS (Integrated Air Dryer), and Separator Oil Sump (Parts and Labor Included)
  • 10-Year Airend Warranty on Contact Cooled (Oil-Flooded) Units
    • 5-Year Airend Warranty on Oil-Free Units
  • Monthly or Quarterly Payment Plans


Ingersoll Rand & Most Major Brands Rotary Screw Compressors*

SelectCARE AE10 Service Plan

  • Comprehensive PM Plan
  • 10-Year Airend Warranty Backdated to the Separator Oil Sump Manufacturing Date or Original Invoice Date of Unit
  • Minimum Two (2) PM Visits Per Year
  • Pay Per Visit

* Unit must be In-Service, Up to 10 Years Old, and Contact Cooled ONLY


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